Wave Goodbye to Real Estate Cycle: Govt Will Keep Restrictions for 5 Years

Chinese state media says the real estate cycle is over because government buying restrictions will be in place for the next 5 years.

iFeng: 央媒正式宣布:告别周期 未来五年调控不会退出
As for the "round of market regulation is not coming to an end" The answer to this question, just Yangmei gives the answer.

January 23, Economic Information Daily newsletter issued: Farewell cycle, the next five years, the regulation will not quit.

1, the regulation is still not relax, we will not quit over the next five years, the property market will depend on future regulatory policy, further stabilizing prices; 2, case-control fundamentals unchanged, because of the city and cities are to make changes, no longer across the board, began differentiated regulation. Price, the purchase may be appropriate to relax.

"Economic Information Daily" is sponsored by the Xinhua News Agency in charge of the press, it is China's first national economic newspaper. Can see from this identity, it tells us the Central government's attitude towards the property market. Yangmei high-profile propaganda, wheeled cycle does not apply this time round, this time round in five years will not quit, because this regulation is very special.

...As the Economic Information Daily pointed out, the only way to bid farewell to the real estate market cycle, only by ending the "repeatedly control repeatedly pump" cycle, can healthy and stable development of real estate be truly realized.

Today, housing prices have attracted the attention of central government and the country's highest leaders. Since 2017, the property market, prices are kind of high-frequency words eye appeared in the major conferences. Two of the country, nineteen Report, the finest important meeting of the Central Leading Group for Economic fifteenth meeting, the relevant leaders repeatedly stressed that China's property market sound housing properties, which shows the central determination. In China, with determination, there is no not a thing to do.

It seems, in 2018 the property market regulation policy from one city to a multi-city multi-directional-control policy, a multi-city strategy shifted from "limited" to represent the short-acting mechanism for the transition to long-term mechanism, the real room to live without fry.

But all of the implementation will take time, rising prices this treatment ills traditional illnesses, not be solved overnight, the implementation of all policies, laws and regulations will take time to develop research, it should be a minimum period of five years, if necessary, will be estimated longer.

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