Yanjiao: Real Estate Manager to Vegetable Vendor as Home Prices Fall 33pc

Caijing: 燕郊谢幕:房价下跌67%?房产经理转行当菜摊老板
With Langfang City, Hebei Province issued a strict restriction policy in March and June, twice, Yanjiao real estate market has experienced double ice and fire situation. "Sweet Seoul city price almost halved, Ocean City days the fourth generation of second-hand house prices fell two-thirds." This message is frequently exposed in the media and social networks, the same variety of different information can not help but wonder.

House prices fell 67%: "Impossible!"

The third week of December, China Real Estate News reporter went to Yanjiao foot plate, in the deserted city of Tianyang sales department, property consultant Liu Xin told reporters:?? "67% down is absolutely impossible, it is not yet present-day ocean crash City average price of second-hand housing prices were flat base and Yanjiao residential unit price of about 23,000 yuan, residential apartments around 1.4 million, at higher bit 35,000 yuan residential, commercial and residential twenty thousand, fell by about one-third. "

According to Liu Xin said that day four generations of Ocean City house three cases: senior 70 years of property rights, the unit price of about 35,000 yuan from time highs this year, down to the unit price of about 23,000 yuan; 40 years of ownership apartment, when from a high level unit price fell to around twenty thousand unit price of 13,000 yuan now; mini villa, now priced at 25,000 yuan, down situations when there is a higher position.

"Internet rumors of day four generations of Ocean City house prices plunged 67 percent simply do not exist, everyone confuses the difference between 70-year and 40-year residential apartments, apartment prices to be mistaken identity after residential high prices and falling to compare, day come to ocean City house prices fell two-thirds of the conclusion, which is obviously wrong. "Liu Xin told reporters.
Although the drop in price isn't as dramatic as rumored, the collapse in the industry is real:
Property manager career as a vegetable stall owner

Yanjiao former bustling lively streets, few pedestrians now. Once a prosperous real estate agent on Elm Street Beijing Street, now the shop wants to come, even in the less busy places, on the glass door it has been labeled the transfer of information.

Yanjiao real estate agent was the busiest, most decent job, and now because of flagging real estate market, resulting in a large number of stores close, professional managers who change jobs situation. Li Bai told reporters: "In the real estate market peak, there is a one thousand Yanjiao intermediary stores, chain near the family had only six stores now bad market, a sharp decline in trading volume, all in order to survive, forced to start merger stores, reducing practitioners. staff in order to survive this difficult stage. "

SkyOcean City area north of the vegetable stall attracted the attention of reporters, stood next to a stall Xingda home of real estate information cards. Vegetable stall owner told reporters that he could have been real estate professional managers, but in this market regulation, people who want to buy don't qualify, people want to sell but there's no buyers, only by selling vegetable part-time can he supplement the family income.

"Now the whole Yanjiao real estate market, shops closed their rate of more than 50% of employees change jobs rate of over 70%, with practitioners struggling to describe the current environment is not an exaggeration." Bai told reporters.

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