10,000 Car Traffic Jam at Haikou Ferry, No Economy Class Tickets Until March 1

Hainan was a popular destination as usual, but if you didn't make returns plans, you're in trouble.

iFeng: 三亚过万车辆海口堵长龙 有航班3月1日才有经济舱
At the peak of the Spring Festival Golden Week visitors return peak, by the persistent Qiongzhou Strait foggy weather, a large number of people, vehicles stranded in Haikou. On the afternoon of the 21st, a news release was made by Haikou Municipal Government Information Office that a total of 10,556 vehicles were waiting to be ferried in Haikou and Sangong, causing a heavy traffic pressure.

Many travelers reflect the flight ticket prices from Hainan to Beijing, Shanghai and other places over 20,000 yuan. Ctrip found that recently that tickets from Sanya cost an average of 10,000 yuan.

Even so, "10,000 yuan ticket" is still a ticket hard to find. There are flight economy class to wait until March 1, many tourists from Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Harbin and other places "curve home."

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