Cooling: Buyers Take Penalty on Shandong Ocean View Property

During the real estate boom people were eager to buy seaside properties. Developers in Haiyang, Shangdong (between Qingdao and Yantai) cashed in ahead of the Asian Beach Games in 2012. But as the real estate market cools and investors realize what they own, many are taking a penalty rather than purchase homes. The developer offered a deal where the home would be leased to a property manager with guaranteed returns, but the manager went bust in 2015. The buildings are dark at night, the beach is empty, there are few private cars on the road. Many buyers reneged on their purchase agreements and paid the penalty of 50,000 to 200,000 yuan instead.

iFeng: 山东海阳海景房退潮:大量业主宁愿交违约金也不收房
Buy a sea view room, but I want to eat regret medicine

On the beach, no one there.

Under the blue sky, the golden sands of the sea wrapped in a winding, long hold white shiny buildings. Blue sea, sparkling.

Zhang Yun Heart. Of He of Shanghai Resident, Gradually dislike Noisy, Noise and AIR Pollution. By The End of, 2013, of He bought A Sea View Room ON The Publicity Plan, His Paradise. Subscription, Shou Fang, Stay, in a Nearly Three years in The Past . of He Discovered Soon all jobs. Indeed in that there IS at The "Outside world", But not "Taoyuan."

After the winter, the color of the sea like the blue-black ink is lighter, floating offshore areas tracts like black slug duckweed plant is Enteromorpha. They are to the sea shore, the coastal beach, rock, exposed at low tide the sea bed is also painted dark gray dark brown.

On the beach, no one there.

After Tian, ​​Zhang Yun sometimes in the balcony or the window, looking out at the lights, which light is to distinguish people living in the house lights. One, two, no more. Even the outline of buildings from Tibet into absolute darkness.

...Today, Zhang Yun Zen of "Xanadu" has become a kind of self-cultivation is about to endure tactic of Dharma. Shou Fang after a year, beginning in May 2017, he was resident in Ocean View.

Opened the door, shoes and blankets are fine shoe hairy gray colonies, use the scrub brush. Long fluffy white layer on the wall, saying it was "back to base", to be re-painted. Zhang Yun months to engage in these crafts, but also to put impermanence is doomed without water, electricity, natural gas off.

Passion for the sea view room is cooling. Zhang Yun said the district where he has a large number of owners would prefer not to pay liquidated damages Shou Fang, now his floor with only two other people. Even in the summer, many of them are also tenants, Bedroom receive monthly 500 yuan, "In recent years house prices rose to 6880 from 4500, a little stronger than bank deposits, also could not find at home."

According to China's ruling documents 18 case online (Total 2015 10, 2016 2, 2017 15), the sea view rooms where residential property owners refused to pay the balance due, be sued to terminate the contract, payment of liquidated damages in 50000 to 20 million.

Since October 2017, Zhang Yun began to study law and collect evidence, many owners like to prepare the same district as by court misery.

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