Greatest Threat to Democracy is Democracy

In the present day, threats to democracy include democracy itself.

Gays, Unmarried Couples Face Jail for Sex as Islamists Push Legal Changes
Gay sex, cohabitation, and sex outside marriage would become illegal and punishable with prison terms under proposals from Islamic parties that could soon become law in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.

Critics say the moves, which are being negotiated among Indonesia’s political parties and government legislative drafters, would, if enacted, be a major blow to democracy in this Southeast Asian nation of 250 million.
Imagine some group in Indonesia tried subverting the democratic will of the people and overturned the people's demand for Islamic laws, claiming it was a threat to democracy. Not only would that be a threat to democracy itself, but the Islamic parties might think, "Maybe this democracy thing isn't such a good idea." This is how democracy dies: its loudest defenders are its greatest offenders.

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