Lending Crackdown Expected After January Loan Surge

iFeng: 多地严控违规资金流入楼市 短贷虚增现象有望缓解
Subsequently, many local CBRC offices, including Beijing and Shanghai, made statements in the near future to prevent all funds from entering the real estate market illegally.

Kerry Real Estate Research Center Director Yang Kewei told the "Securities Daily" reporter, from the position of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the banking regulatory agencies around the point of view, is expected to 2018 credit policy continues to become tighter will become a high probability event. For buyers, on the one hand speculative demand will be further suppressed, speculators arbitrage possibilities almost disappeared; the other hand, all kinds of illegal loans will be effectively controlled.

It is noteworthy that the People's Bank of China recently released in January 2018 financial statistics show that in January new RMB loans 2.9 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 867 billion yuan, an increase of 2.3156 trillion ring; which short-term loans 6856 An increase of 129.6 billion yuan over the same period of last year and an increase of 765.9 billion yuan more than the previous month.

"Residents of short-term loans increased significantly, does not rule out that there are still some residents to purchase loans in the name of consumer loans." Yang Kewei said that in fact, for some residents to consumer credit purchase behavior, all types of banks have stepped up the credit card and consumer loans Issued audit, is expected to post "inflated" short-term loans will be squeezed out, real estate "deleveraging" effect is expected to further show.

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