Realtors See Steep Price Declines in Beijing

Caijing: 北京二手房价跌了20% 商住公寓成交量狂降九成多
According to statistics from the I love my family group's market research institute, in addition to areas where Huairou, Mentougou, Miyun, Yanqing, and the development zone had relatively few recent transactions, the price of second-hand houses in March 2018 fell by 8-30% compared with April 2017. Tongzhou District, the largest drop, reaching 29.1%.

"Daily Economic News" reporter found in the residential area of ​​Tangquan Yishu, Haidian District, a second-hand house with 160 square meters of three bedrooms and two living rooms, with a listing price of 16.9 million yuan. After a price adjustment, it finally ended on March 12 with 1570. Million price transactions, the owners straight down 1.2 million.

The above-mentioned intermediary officials frankly stated that Beijing's existing housing market is now back two years ago, and buyers are gradually taking the initiative in bargaining.

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