Best Strategy: Do the Inevitable

ZH: China Studying Yuan Devaluation As Retaliation To Trade War; CNH Slides
Overnight we got a clear lesson why this highly convex trade would be prudent in the current trade war environment, when Bloomberg reported at 3am EDT that China is "evaluating the potential impact of a gradual yuan depreciation" citing people familiar with the matter said, as the country’s leaders are weighing their possible responses in the escalating trade war with President Trump.

As a reminder, a devaluation was one of the "nuclear" retaliation options listed here on Friday, and is certain to provoke an even harsher response by the US. Still, this appears not to have spooked senior Chinese officials who are reportedly studying a "two-pronged analysis of the yuan that was prepared by the government": one part looks at the effect of using the currency as a tool in trade negotiations with the U.S., while a second part examines what would happen if China depreciates the yuan to offset the impact of any trade deal that curbs exports.
There is nothing to study. China allowed a gradual depreciation and called off allowing the market to set the price before USDCNY hit 7.0. There's nothing China has to do to weaken the yuan except open the capital account and let the invisible hand do its work.

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