Mass Deportations Coming to Italy

The EU will crumble when the Italians begin deporting migrants. That looks increasingly likely given that Italians are kicking out paying tourists. The case for restricting tourism is rests on the same argument as restricting immigration: the policy should benefit the citizens. The crucial difference is tourists spend money and most immigrants into the West consume more in social services than natives.

Express UK:Venice tourist crackdown SPREADS across Italy - Anger as Capri and Garda near ‘EXPLODING’
The Island of Capri wants to follow Venice in bringing in crowd control measures, which saw the installation of check points in some of the most congested parts.

The mayor of the island just off Naples said with two million tourists a year the destination could “explode” from the weight of visitors.

Hotels and B&Bs on the island had already reached 90 percent for the first long weekend of the high season leading the Capri Mayor Gianni De Martino to reconsider how the town manages the flow of tourists.

He said: “The problem is not the turnstiles, but to find a system and a host organisation at the port and at Marina Grande capable of managing the remarkable tourist flows in our territory in an orderly and adequate manner without creating overcrowding.”
Venice increased its tourism crackdown:
Over the Sardinia Day holiday this weekend Venice installed metal barriers to divert tourists down less populated alleyways so workers and locals didn’t have to continuously dodge tour groups and visitors with bulky suitcases.

This move brings Venice closer to limiting the number of tourists allowed to enter the lagoon city, which currently sees 25 million visitors a year.
Locals still aren't happy:
However, checkpoints were immediately removed by protestors after demonstrating against the mass influx of tourists.

They had been installed overnight but furious locals tore them down.

One protestor said: “It's not the mayor who owns the city. It's not the police and not the tourists either. It's the people living in Venice.
Italy's stock market is near a post-2008 high. Social mood is positive at the moment.
The 5-Star Movement is calling for new elections.

Reuters: Italy's 5-Star calls for snap election after govt talks flounder
“At this point for me there is no other solution. We have to go back to the polls as soon as possible,” Luigi Di Maio said on Facebook, blaming center-left and center-right parties for refusing to negotiate with 5-Star.
Who is rising in the polls? The nationalist League and nationalist 5-Star:
“Another election increases the probability of a League/5-Star government, which is the least market friendly outcome,” said Rabobank’s Lyn Graham-Taylor.
Bet early and bet often against globalism.

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