Third and Fourth-Tier Cities Implement Home Buying Restrictions

Buying restrictions spread in the third- and fourth-tier while the tally of cities tightening home buying rules climbs past 10 in the past week.

iFeng: 超10城楼市调控政策再收紧 一些三四线城市加入限售
While the hot-spot cities are regulating the property market, some third and fourth-tier cities have joined the restricted-sale teams.

Recently, Funan County of Fuyang City, Anhui Province promulgated the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Steady and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market (Trial)" (referred to as the "opinion"), stating that the sales price of housing sales must not exceed the filing price of the development and reform department. Otherwise, the real estate bureau will not register for the “Commercial Housing Sales Contract”.

In addition, in order to strictly control speculative real estate, it significantly delays the trading hours of multiple-suite listings. The opinions are clear: There are already two sets of houses in the county of Luannan County residents. No purchase or purchase of the third set (or more) of commercial housing may be listed and traded within five years. Non-Fengnan County household residents have a house under the county name. , The purchase of the second set (and above) of commercial housing shall not be listed and traded within 8 years after the purchase. The start time is based on the time for the purchaser to pay the deed tax.

According to the opinion, all departments will strictly examine the price of the approved sale (pre-sale) of commercial housing, and did not disclose the prices of all the quasi-sale properties and the price of each house once within 10 days, and did not list the sales price clearly in the eye-catching location of the transaction place; Mark the sale status of the property, the price marked by the sold property is not the actual transaction price, impose a limited supply of goods or services by binding or additional conditions, and impose a fee; Such violations.

In Zhangzhou, the Implementation Rules for the Promotion of Healthy Development of the Real Estate Industry regulated by the “Standardize Management” implemented on March 27 pointed out that local price control was implemented locally. For land plots in hotspots in central urban areas, land sales prices, supporting housing, and self-contained rental housing must be used to control land prices. The housing and construction department shall submit proposals to the land and resources departments and planning departments, and include the land transfer. The plan was submitted to the municipal government for approval and implementation.
Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Real Estate, said that more than 10 cities started a new round of regulation in late March. There are two aspects worth noting. On the one hand, the scope of regulation has been expanded. Third- and fourth-tier cities have joined restrictions on sales. On the other hand, protection just needs to be the focus of regulation and control. Hot-street cities just need to give priority to the selection of limit rooms.

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