Central Planning on Steroids: Shenzhen Will Control Housing Supply

Reuters: China's Shenzhen to cap new private homes at 40 percent of supply
Shenzhen plans to build 1.7 million new apartments by 2035, of which only around 40 percent can be private homes, the city’s housing authority said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.
Discounts are available for the talent war:
To ensure affordability, the home buyer or renter, for example, can obtain a 40 percent discount off the property’s market value or rental price under the talent scheme.
iFeng: 这次,深圳改革又走在前头!保障房和人才房占六成
3. By 2035, a total of 1.7 million sets of various types of housing will be raised for the new construction, of which no less than 1 million sets of talented housing, residential housing and public rental housing will be provided. This goal is implemented in three phases.

(Xiao e: In the final analysis, the house is still in order to solve the problem of housing, this section defines the timetable for policy housing and rental housing.)

4. From 2018 onwards, in the newly-increased residential land, ensure that the proportion of land for talented persons, residential houses for housing and public rental housing is not less than 60%, and at the same time, increase the proportion of land for rent and not for sale in newly-issued residential land.

(Small e: land as "flour" will be tilted toward policy housing and rental housing, and the effort is quite large!)

5, in full-time full-time work more than 5 years, meet the conditions can be purchased according to preferential policies for housing talent or apply for a grant of housing property rights.

(Small e: Qualified individuals can obtain the property rights of the policy housing, which takes into account the residents' concept of housing.)

6. Reasonably demarcate the income quota for the income from the purchase and purchase of residential houses for household registration. To improve the distribution system of housing-type commercial housing, and to implement centralized allocation of batches, according to the availability of each batch of housing, comprehensive consideration of applicants in the deep pay social security time and other factors set the entry criteria to wait for, draw, shake, etc. publicly Transparent way to determine the object of rental.

(Xiao e: The principle of three publics, to prevent rent seeking.)

7. Establish a closed transfer system for talented people's housing and residential housing.

The sale of talented people's housing and residential housing will be closed for a certain number of years.

From the date of purchase, the purchaser can accumulatively pay 15 years of social insurance, or reach the age of 60, and purchase for 10 years. It can meet the requirements of the city’s personnel settlement methods, housing construction and management methods, and can enter the market. However, it must pay a certain percentage of value-added benefits to the government.

(Small e: Policy housing can be transferred to the market if it meets the conditions, but the conditions are quite strict.)

8. Establish a unified supervision and management platform for housing lease transaction services in the city.

9, increase the housing currency subsidies and housing finance innovation.

10. Comprehensively improve the quality of housing and the level of property services.
Market economy.

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