China Solar Shift Hammers Stocks

SCMP: Chinese solar power stocks plunge as government moves to contain industry size
Shares in Sungrow Power Supply and GCL-Poly Energy Holdings led Chinese solar power stocks lower in mainland China and Hong Kong on Monday, after the government moved to rein in the expansion of the industry, by suspending the construction of new farms and cutting subsidies in a surprising decision.
Looks like China finally took the cost-benefit analysis seriously. Another factor in play may be interest rates. Rising interest rates and tight credit conditions led to solar defaults last go around. Officials may be hoping to avoid a repeat in the next 12 to 24 months.

iFeng: 光伏龙头今天集体拜会国家能源局 能源局官员表态
According to the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, the deputy director of the National Energy Administration, Mr. Ruancheng Cheng, entrusted the Deputy Director of New Energy and Renewable Energy Division Li Chuangjun to hold talks with entrepreneurial representatives and introduced relevant backgrounds of the document and the future energy bureau in the photovoltaic industry. The work to be carried out.

Deputy Director Li Chuangjun stated that PV is the main force of future energy reforms, and the Energy Bureau's determination to develop China's photovoltaic industry has not wavered. It is willing to work with companies to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the Chinese PV industry.

According to a report from the Securities Times, 11 photovoltaic industry leaders including Tongwei Group Liu Hanyuan and Sunshine Power Cao Renxian recently issued the “Emergency Appeals of Entrepreneurs on the introduction of the 531 Photovoltaic New Deal by three ministries and commissions”, and it is strongly recommended that they be legally approved. The built-in photovoltaic project has a certain buffer period and petitions the relevant government departments to listen to the opinions of the industry.

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