Universal Basic Income is the Bribe For You To Accept Totalitarian Control

This entire talk by Richard Werner is great, but the part transcribed below is a warning everyone should see. He explains the next and final phase of authoritarian control in under a minute.
The greatest concentration of central banking power is really the bit their aiming at, that's the central banks' goal. And, of course, digital accounts of dissenters and regime critics could be switched off, it would be very difficult to even purchase necessities. This is an Orwellian dystopia of total control, the end of any freedoms, that's really what central banks are aiming at.

Some central banks like the Bank of England have already prepared their microchip implant RFID chip to be implanted under your skin. And why the sudden discussion about Universal Basic Income from all the "grassroots" and inverted commas movements and billionaires. Universal Basic Income is the bribe for you to accept the microchip.
China is building a centralized digital currency with the ledger completely under government controls. They will implement it. It may be coming to the West as well. There will be more carrots and propaganda to make you think it's a good idea.

The future for the West is wholesale regime change, radical decentralization with political secession and a flourishing of smaller states or turning into China. The only difference between China and the West on current trajectory is China completed its revolution and has been pragmatic about keeping power since Deng in 1978. The West is still experiencing the unfinished revolution of 1789. China will peacefully transition into total authoritarian control, whereas the West will experience extreme turmoil because the outcome is as yet undecided.

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