Cities Begin Tightening Public Housing Funds

Three years ago rules were loosening. Now they're tightening again.

iFeng: 异地购房不能用公积金 公积金购房迎三大变化
Recently, Guangdong, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and other places have gradually tightened the housing provident fund withdrawal policy.

Guangdong proposed that it is not allowed to withdraw housing provident fund for speculation in real estate speculation.

forIf you purchase a house in a different place, especially if you are not paying a house in a non-resident place, a non-spouse or a non-intimate relative purchases a house to purchase a housing provident fund, the localities may stop implementing the type of withdrawal policy in combination with their actual situation.

Hangzhou is more powerful.

According to the "Notice on Standardizing the Policy for Improving the Housing Provident Fund Extraction" issued by the Hangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center, employees who purchase houses in non-local and non-hukou places and repay the principal and interest of the housing loans shall not withdraw the housing accumulation fund.

Tianjin proposes that if employees apply to transfer the housing accumulation fund paid outside the administrative area of ​​this Municipality to the city, they should open a housing provident fund account for more than half a year before the transfer, and continue to deposit the housing accumulation fund for six months.

Multiple divorce and repurchase will be subject to "special care"

The act of defrauding the purchase of homes and loans through false marriages (including fake marriages and false divorces) will also be strictly sealed and subject to “special care” during the review of the provident fund withdrawal.

Guangdong Province stipulates that it is not allowed to apply for the withdrawal of housing provident fund for the same person who has changed the marriage relationship and purchased multiple houses frequently.

Tianjin and Hangzhou both proposed:

If the same person repeatedly changes the marriage relationship to purchase a house, and many people frequently buy and sell the same set of houses, non-spouse or non-immediate relatives to purchase housing provident fund, etc., it is necessary to strictly review the authenticity of the housing consumption behavior and the certification materials.

Retirement withdrawal fund will also be restricted

Guangdong proposed to strictly implement the housing provident fundThe transfer of relevant policies from different places must, in principle, pass the country.The transfer of individual housing provident fund by the transfer platform in different places shall not be selected by means of separation of withdrawal.

Hangzhou clearly stipulates that if the employee of the city does not pay or terminate the labor relationship with the employee, the individual account will be sealed first. During account storage, atIf you open a housing provident fund account in a different place and keep it for more than half a year, handle it.Transfer from another place ; not inIf the deposit continues in different places , it can be withdrawn after half a year of storage.

The consequences of illegal withdrawal of the provident fund are very serious!

Hangzhou clearly stipulates that employees who fail to collect housing accumulation funds in violation of regulations must record their records of loss of trust, strengthen supervision over trust, and implement joint punishment. They must not apply for housing provident fund withdrawal and loans within 3 years.

Guangdong proposed to establish a personal credit file for depositing employees. For those employees who have illegally withdrawn the housing provident fund, they must record their record of untrustworthiness and transfer the record with the transfer of funds.

Tianjin proposed to increase law enforcement and implement joint disciplinary punishment. If the employee withdraws the stored balance in the housing provident fund account by deception, the municipal housing provident fund management center shall order the refund of the illegal withdrawal amount within a time limit.

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