American Soybeans Turning Chinese Boys Into Sissies

Xinhua blasts the girly-boy trend in culture and entertainment. South Korea started the trend, so blame them.

Androgyny was big in the 1970s and 1930s, periods of negative social mood. Extremely negative social mood, such as Germany in the 1920s, saw the rise of transgenderism. The Socionomic signals point to negative and declining social mood.

From an evolutionary perspective, perhaps this is a response to overpopulation. Or the debunked studies that linked low testosterone with heavy soy consumption, which developed into the soy boy meme.

Perhaps China can make use of the soy boy meme. With U.S. soybean exports in the crosshairs of the trade war and shots fired in the culture war, China can kill two birds with one stone and blame American soybeans.

Xinhua: 辛识平:“娘炮”之风当休矣
To be a cultural person, and to educate people. The reason why the "sissies" phenomenon caused public resentment is also because the negative impact of this morbid culture on young people cannot be underestimated. Adolescents are the future of the country. Although the criticism of the "juvenile mothers and mothers" on the Internet is not without jokes, what a social and national pop culture embraces, rejects, and disseminates is indeed a major event in the future of the country. To cultivate new people in the era of national rejuvenation, we need to resist the erosion of bad culture and the nourishment of excellent culture.

Scholar Neil Bozeman once warned people in his book "Entertainment to Death": What ruined us is not what we hate, but what we "love". In the face of dazzling various "pan-entertainment" phenomena, it is necessary and valuable to revisit and think about this rational voice.

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