Beijing Fines 我爱我家 and Beijing Zhongtian For Renting Public Housing

Two real estate brokers rented out public housing.

iFeng: 我爱我家、中天置地在京转租公租房被罚
The Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee released the results of the sub-leasing behavior of the Greentown Chengyuan Public Rental Housing Project on September 12. I love my family and Zhongtian Land, both brokerage companies have illegally rented public rental housing. The behavior was fined at a ceiling of 60,000 yuan each, and was credited to the credit file, suspending the two intermediary companies to sign online in Chaoyang District. At the same time, the four households rented outholding leases for illegal households were dismissed, and the “Decision on Cancellation of the Qualification of Safe Housing” was incorporated into the bad credit system.

...On September 3, Chaoyang District Housing Management Bureau talked about the person in charge of my family and Zhongtian Real Estate Agency, and issued a notice of punishment. On September 7th, the two brokerage companies issued administrative punishment decisions: According to Article 37 of the Measures for the Administration of Public Rental Housing and Article 37 of the Measures for the Management of Real Estate Brokers, Zhongtian Real Estate and I Love My family imposed a fine of 60,000 yuan each, and recorded it in the credit file, suspending the two intermediary companies to sign online in Chaoyang District.

...The Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee said that all districts have been required to immediately conduct global work investigations and implement local territorial supervision responsibilities. First, the property rights unit should earnestly implement the main responsibility and improve the daily inspection system in accordance with the principle of “who holds and who manages”. The second is to strengthen the urban linkage, through the establishment of family files and household visits, the combination of daily inspections and special inspections, and resolutely deal with the illegal violations, showing the government's "zero tolerance" attitude and determination. The third is to comprehensively promote the application of face recognition technology, use scientific and technological means to strengthen dynamic supervision, and deter violations.

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