Beijing Raids Real Estate Broker 我爱我家?

The Beijinger: Fake Online Apartment Rental Listings Proliferate Despite Government Crackdown
Despite government instructions to remove misleading listings, online housing rental platforms including 58.com (58同城), Anjuke (安居客), and Fang.com (房天下) have failed to abide by the order.

An investigation by the Beijing News found that after the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, among others, issued a deadline of Sep 1 to clean up these listings, the companies still had not complied with the directive.

...Once prospective renters have been attracted by low prices and striking apartments, agents take them to view numerous properties within in the same price range, often with none of them matching the pictures in the listing.
There are headlines claiming 我爱我家 (5i5j.com) was raided by Beijing police. A number of headlines say this, but are now 404 or redirected back to homepages. A new story says 我爱我家 was investigated along with other brokers, but it was a normal regulatory check-up.

Here's the headline that is 404'd. I couldn't find the original article anywhere. The headline said the Beijing govt raided 我爱我家, employee phones and computers investigated.

iFeng: 北京市发改委昨日突袭我爱我家 员工电脑当场被查验 another version: 北京市发改委昨日突袭我爱我家 员工手机电脑当场被查验.

This is the replacement article.

iFeng: 我爱我家否认涉嫌垄断操纵租金 称“行业例行交流常态”
September 11 news against the media said that the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission on 5i5j suspected of using monopoly to manipulate the rent investigation, September 11, 5i5j official statement, the relevant news is not true. 5i5j said that the relevant government departments have recently visited and investigated a number of leasing operators, which is the normal state of routine exchanges in the industry.

In the morning, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission yesterday conducted an investigation into the Beijing company on the fact that 5i5j used the monopoly to manipulate rents. An insider from 5i5j revealed that the personal computers and mobile phones of the three or four key employees of the Beijing company were investigated on the spot.

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