Being Weimar

European governments are paving the way for nationalist victories in the coming years.

ZH: Netherlands Prosceutes Its Own Citizen For Calling Turkish Dictator A "Goat F*cker"
Case in point: a few weeks ago the government of the Netherlands charged and prosecuted one of its own citizens, a 64-year old Dutchman from the town of Sittard near the German border, for sending angry emails to the President of Turkey.

You read that correctly. The Dutch government prosecuted a Dutch citizen living on Dutch soil because he insulted a foreign government official.

Bear in mind, that foreign government official is Recep Erdogan, who has basically been dictator of Turkey since the early 2000s.
The Guardian: China accuses Sweden of violating human rights over treatment of tourists
A disagreement between Chinese tourists and a hostel in Stockholm over check-in time has turned into a diplomatic spat between China and Sweden, after Beijing criticised Sweden for violating the human rights of Chinese citizens.

China has demanded an apology from Sweden and issued a safety alert for its tourists in the country after it said that three tourists had been “brutally abused” by Swedish police on 2 September.
There's more detail and context here: All the details you need on the Chinese tourists who were ”brutally” handled by Swedish police. Sweden hasn't acted badly. The tourists look like they're acting, trying to get money or maybe a free room. It's China's response that shows what it thinks of the Swedish government: a pushover.

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