Foshan New Housing Policy: Renovate Old Housing

The bulldozers will slow in Foshan. Under a new zoning/development policy, new housing projects will not be allowed in the Chanbao area in order to preserve industrial land. The government will encourage the renovation of existing housing.

Caijing: 佛山发布土地新政 产保区不得新增商品房项目、鼓励旧城改造
Among them, regarding the urban renewal work proposal, through the construction of the “update unit plan + update unit plan” as the core urban renewal planning system, strengthen the connection between urban renewal unit planning and control reform innovation; use a variety of ways to provide land, including public Incentives, agreements, and collective construction land transfer will stimulate market vitality.

Further clarify the land price increase and compensation standards, comprehensively benefit the old villages and old towns, and encourage the old towns to renovate the old towns; support the land contiguous project of not less than 200 mu, encourage contiguous transformation and ensure the implementation of public welfare land.

It is worth mentioning that in the delineation of the production and protection zone, in order to guarantee the scale of industrial land of 350 square kilometers, it is necessary to implement control and management areas during the period. There shall be no new commercial real estate projects for the development of commercial housing in the production and security zone. In principle, the land use shall not be used for other non-industrial purposes except for public interest needs.

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