Chinese Developers Resume 10pc Down, Free BMW, Free Rooms, Coupons

Chinese developers offered free rooms, purchase with only 10 percent down, free cars with a purchase and even coupons for cash rebates to entice buyers over the Golden Week. They also enticed non-qualified buyers by offering sales that will become official when they qualify.

Caijing: 黄金周楼市凉:北京深圳成交量腰斩 一成首付再现
In Beijing, at least six properties have undergone price cuts or increased incentives. For example, a real estate in Fangshan District will be offered in the form of a special room, and the average price will drop from 38,900 yuan per square meter to 35,000 yuan.

In Shanghai, there are not only price cuts, but also delivery. For example, two properties in Songjiang and Jiading will be priced at 8.9 percent on the basis of the original price. If the company recommends the purchase of a house, it can also add a discount of 9.8 percent, and then send a 30,000 yuan purchase coupon. Another example is a real estate in Baoshan, which has launched a special offer of “buy a house to send a BMW”. If you don’t need a car, you can get a discount of about 300,000 yuan.

The promotion of the second-tier city property market is even stronger. For example, in Hefei, the price of Daping will be reduced from the previous hardcover of 22,000 yuan per square meter to the average price of blanks of 17,400 yuan, 10 percent down to buy, and non-resident buyers can wait for social insurance. In addition, in Dongguan, Chongqing and other third- and fourth-tier cities, developers are also reducing prices.

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