German Social Mood Declining, Greens and AfD Rise

ZH: Merkel's End Could Spark EU Breakdown
As pointed out by Alex Mercouris at The Duran, this is the first time in more than forty years a German Chancellor lost an internal party vote of this magnitude. And it speaks to the growing frustration among not only party members but the German electorate in general.
Immigration is the hot button issue in Germany, but social mood is also turning. The DAX peaked in January. The iShares MSCI Germany ETF (EWG) captures this move along with the weakening euro. Both the Greens and Alterative for Deutschland are rising, while the establishment CDU and SPD see their support wane. This is the start of the move, not the end of it. A major political shake-up is coming to the heart of Europe.

EWG broke above long-term resistance in summer 2017 before rallying into the January 2018 peak, but has since fallen below that resistance line. Notice the rise in the challenger parties as the stock market slides.

For comparison sake, here are two different European funds with similar patterns. France is still in breakout territory, while Spain failed right at resistance.

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