RRR Cut Offers No Hope for Housing Market

iFeng: 释放7500亿元流动性 央行降准给予房地产什么信号
Regarding the impact of the RRR on the property market, Zhang Hongwei, director of the same property research department, believes that because of the heavy firewalls for the financing channels of housing enterprises, most of them cannot enter the development field. This money has nothing to do with real estate. Very nervous, the general trend of price cuts in the property market will not change.

Another background for the central bank to be able to lower the RRR is that the real estate market has been basically controlled. At present, due to the decline in the scale of shantytown renovation, the real estate market in the third and fourth tier cities has begun to fall. Affected by the strict regulation of real estate and the control of bank credit, the real estate market in some second-tier cities accelerated, while the real estate in the first-tier cities kept the price falling and the volume contracted.

In addition, discussions about property taxes are also affecting the expectations of market-related entities. As long as the real estate market is not loosely regulated, the central bank's RRR cut is expected to have a very limited impact on the real estate market. Real estate companies should still be prepared for the winter.

In the first half of the year, due to the tight funding of major banks, almost all the real estate market faced more serious financing problems. Therefore, everyone is suffering. In the second half of the year, with the continuous implementation of the four RRR cuts, the flow of banks Sex began to get a certain improvement. At this time, the Matthew effect of the real estate market will be further exerted. Large-scale and leading real estate enterprises are more likely to obtain more funds from the banks because of their better credit records in the banks.

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