NDRC Calls for Easing Urban Residency Requirements

China.org: China aims to build world-class metropolitan areas by 2035
China aims to build several metropolitan areas with global influence by 2035, according to the country's top economic planner.

Notable progress should be made by 2022 with improvement in infrastructure integration, freer markets, more coordinated industries and more livable environments, according to the guidelines released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).
Chinese language news is focused on the specific guidelines.

iFeng: 发改委:放开大部分城市落户限制 (NDRC: liberalize most urban settlement restrictions)
To this end, the "Opinions" proposes to open up and widen the restrictions on urban settlement outside of some megacities, and to take the lead in realizing the mutual recognition of household registration access and urbanization in the qualified metropolitan area, speeding up the elimination of household registration barriers between urban and rural areas, and coordinating the promotion. The local population and the migrant population are urbanized to promote orderly flow of population, rational distribution and social integration. Promote the sharing of human resources information and public employment service platforms.

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