Nationalists Resurgent in Netherlands

It appears the second phase of the nationalist rise is underway, where parties on the edge of power or even completely unknown, suddenly sweep into power as the largest party. The final phase will come when they win complete control over the government.

FT: Dutch Eurosceptic party storms to victory in regional elections
An upstart Eurosceptic party that supports a Dutch exit from the EU has stormed to victory in regional elections to become the joint biggest party in the Netherlands’ upper house of parliament.

The far-right Forum for Democracy (FvD), an anti-elite party formed in 2017, swept the vote to win 12 seats in the country’s Senate, making it the joint largest party along with Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right VVD.

...“Rutte governments have left our borders wide open, letting in hundreds of thousands of people with cultures completely different to ours,” said Mr Baudet in his victory speech. “We are being destroyed by the people who should protect us.”
Until the establishment parties cease being enemies of their own people, they will continue losing by larger and larger margins. Though at this point its difficult to say they're not determined enemies of their own people, since at every opportunity to take level headed action such as slowing the flow of migration, in almost all cases they've adopted a more extremist policy.

Now we'll see if the Dutch stop the bleeding with a populist coalition or if they'll ice out the upstarts and pray that a massive multi-decade, multi-generational trend stops for some unforeseen reason.

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