American Bookstores Have No Idea the Who, What or When, But They Expect Protests

SF Gate: White nationalists target bookstores and a library in protests nationwide
The bookstore began training employees earlier this year to respond to flash protests, co-owner Bradley Graham said. The decision came after previous author events, including a talk last month by former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, drew the ire and attention of left-wing activists and agitators.

Politics and Prose isn't alone.

Bookstores, libraries and book fairs have become frequent targets of white nationalist groups, which in recent years have interrupted author talks, children's reading hours and, in one instance, threatened to burn down a bookstore in Berkeley, California.

"One of the issues is we can't always anticipate what author or event might draw protesters or a demonstration," Graham said. "Clearly, when the political climate heats up, there would seem to be more kindling that could be lit. But whether this will translate to more disturbances at author talks, I certainly hope not, but who knows."
Protests and violence come from the left and come from the right, and comes from who knows who/what/when next. The only thing they know is the protests and threats are increasing. On bookstores.

And these are the good times.

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