Immigration Restricting Nationalist Socialists Take Denmark

The Guardian: Centre-left Social Democrats set to win in Denmark elections
The centre-left party was forecast to beat the centre-right Liberals of the outgoing prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, set to finish second on nearly 21%, while the populist far-right Danish People’s party (DPP) managed 9.8% – less than half its score in the 2015 election.

The polls for broadcasters DR and TV2 gave the Social Democrat-led “red bloc” of leftist parties more than 90 seats in the 179-seat Folketing.The party leader, Mette Frederiksen, however, has repeatedly said that rather than assemble a coalition, she aims to form a minority government – common in Denmark – with ad hoc support from parties across the spectrum.

...Voting in the Copenhagen suburb of Varlose, Frederiksen said her party’s tougher, at times controversial stance on immigration had helped it win back support. “Some Social Democrat voters who have been lost in the last few years, who didn’t support our migration policy, are returning this time,” she said.

The centre-left party focused its campaign on climate issues and the defence of Denmark’s prized welfare state, promising to reverse years of spending cuts to education and healthcare, and maintain its hardline approach to immigration.
As has been the case since at least 2014 (See: Immigration Issue Set to Explode in America; Prepare for Political Volatility), immigration is a major winning issue. Most major parties abandon the issue. Small and upstart parties have ridden their virtual monopoly on the issue into major party status or even taken power. Denmark's center-left party laid the foundation for today's win back in June 2018: Danish Left Splits Nationalist, Ends 25 Year-Old Agreement. As this election approached, the party took a harder line on migration. Mass Deportations Coming Soon: Danish Center-Left Ready to Expel Migrants
But it is the government policies her party has supported or failed to oppose which have been most alarming for her allies in the left-of-centre red bloc. The Social Democrats voted in favour of a law allowing jewellery to be stripped from refugees, and a burqa and niqab ban, and abstained rather than voted against a law on mandatory handshakes irrespective of religious sentiment at citizenship ceremonies, and a plan to house criminal asylum seekers on an island used for researching contagious animal diseases. In February, she backed what the DPP has branded a “paradigm shift” – a push to make repatriation, rather than integration, the goal of asylum policy.
The only reason the The Guardian isn't calling Frederiksen a "far-right" "Nazi" is because she's left-wing on the economy and green. Ironically, so were the Nazis, but we can't expect journalists to have read history books. In any event, and in part because the left-wing dominated media can't help but cheer the victory, mass deportation of migrants from Europe is being mainstreamed. And after that will begin Muslim deportations:
Anja Westphal, an analyst at Denmark’s public broadcaster DR, said: “Mette Frederiksen has loved the Danish People’s party to death with her tough line on foreigners.”

But the far-right party has also come under pressure from two new extreme-right parties, one of which, Stram Kurs (Hard Line), has called for Islam to be banned and hundreds of thousands of Muslims to be deported. Exit polls suggested that Stram Kurs was just under the 2% threshold necessary to win a seat in parliament.

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