Another Sign of Negative Mood: Tumbling Fertility

CNA: CDC confirms US fertility rate fell to 'all-time low' in 2018
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Wednesday that the US fertility rate continued to fall in 2018, to an all-time low. The report confirms provisional figures released in May.

“The 2018 general fertility rate fell to another all-time low for the United States,” researchers with the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics wrote in a July 24 report.

...According to the early statistical release from the NCHS in May, the total fertility rate, or average number of children born per woman, stands at 1.7, well below the demographic replacement bar of 2.1.
And immigration is going to be severely restricted or outright banned, as it was the last time similar conditions and social mood coincided. I still believe the U.S. is likely to become a net emigrant country because of deportations once negative mood really gets going. The country is more than 20 years into a mood downswing and both major political parties are still pushing peak social mood immigration policies, with many pushing extremist open borders. The public reaction is going to overshoot in the opposite direction. Consider that the U.S. set up concentration camps for Japanese, Italians and Germans in the 1940s. Granted it was wartime, but the numbers were far smaller as percentage of the overall population. The "experiment" being performed on America is going to end badly.

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