Kaifeng Cancels Sales Restrictions After 20pc Discounts Fail

iFeng: 房价打8折都卖不出去!开封,“开封”了
Sogou: The house price can't be sold with a 20% discount! Kaifeng is Open
According to the document, in order to coordinate the regulation of the real estate market and boost market confidence, the decision was made at the regular meeting of the Baicheng Office (Note: Office of the Leading Group for Quality Improvement Project of Baicheng Construction in Henan Province). The time limit for new commercial housing to be listed and transferred after 3 years from the date of obtaining the "Real Estate Ownership Certificate" is hereby cancelled, and the time limit for freezing the trading qualification of houses that have been cancelled for the record is cancelled.
From January to May 2019, Kaifeng's real estate business income dropped 2.7% from the same period last year.
In terms of land, statistics show that in the first half of 2019, the average floor price of the land sold in Kaifeng city was 3019 yuan/square meter, down 6.8% year on year, and the premium rate remained low.
An insider from Henan real estate industry introduced to the reporter of "Magnesia Real Estate." Kaifeng's real estate market has been gradually declining since the beginning of this year. Many developers have started to offer discounts under various names, such as "special price rooms" and "anniversary celebrations". Even the total house price discount has reached 20% but it still hasn't improved. Many companies' sales performance in Kaifeng area is at the bottom of the whole Henan area.

iFeng: 确认!开封取消新房限售 住建局:炒房现象已基本遏制
Sogou: Confirm! Kaifeng Cancels Restriction on Sale of New Houses

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