Is the Bubble Back? Shenzhen Homebuyers Pledge 5M Yuan to Wait in Line, Only 2 Min to Select Property

iFeng: 深圳楼盘火爆“打新”:1508万起步 排队1小时选房2分钟
million yuan sincerity gold, 15.08 million yuan admission fee, Shenzhen high-end real estate project "Shenye Midtown", which has received much attention due to high prices, officially opened this morning.

Shenye Zhongcheng has 2,794 sincere registrants, but today only the top 500 singer can enter the house to choose a room, and the time for selecting a house cannot exceed 2 minutes.

This means that Shenye Zhongcheng will usher in a fierce scene of 500 people competing for 192 listings.

The China Securities Journal reporter came to the opening scene early in the morning and found that at 9:30 in the morning, there were customers who rushed to the scene to "occupy the place" and the materials for holding the documents were waiting.
A frenzied housing lottery in June 2018 did not herald a turn in the market, but Shenzhen real estate was an early indicator (summer 2015) of the prior cycle's turn.

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