Astrology Makes a Comeback

The signs of a major turn in social mood keep piling up. Superstition, magic and witchcraft are signs of negative mood. The stock market is at all-time highs and the economy has grown slowly, but if you look at the cultural markers, it's negative on nearly all points. The next recession is going to unleash 20 years of pent up negative mood.

SCMP: How millennials and app culture turned astrology into a modern obsession
The apps are, regrettably, correct. Not only am I all of those things, I’m a Cancer sun, Sagittarius rising and an Aries moon. I found this out when I fulfilled a typical millennial trope: texting my mother to ask her what time of day I was born.

“It was early,” she replied. (Wrong. It was evening, we later determined.)

It was Co-Star that told me to text my mother, because the app needed the information to produce my natal chart, which uses the positions of planets and stars at the exact time of one’s birth. It produces horoscopes that some say are far more sophisticated than the generic “good luck in finance and love” you see in many newspapers and magazines.

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