Chinese Factories Slowly Going Back to Work, But Many Still Below 50pc Staff

Chinese businesses are opening, but they're still severely understaffed. Migrant workers make up a large portion of the workforce, but many remain in their home cities. Chongqing estimates 88 percent of residents who came back for Spring Festival are still in the city.

21st Century: 多地农民工返岗就业率低于50% 就近就地就业仍需“精准施策”
By sorting out the public data of some migrant workers in the country, 21st Century Business Herald reporters found that despite the launch of measures to promote the return of migrant workers to work, there are still migrant workers returning to work in less than 50% .

Many scholars interviewed by 21st Century Business Herald reporters believe that with the downward adjustment of public health emergency response levels, more jobs may be released in the future. However, the increase in employment in a region is still a market behavior and has a close relationship with the stage of local economic development and industrial characteristics, so it is still not easy to create a large number of jobs in the short term.
With everyone focused on getting existing labor and production back to work, one thing that's been overlooked is the lack of growth. Companies haven't been creating and filling new jobs. For now, they're still hoping their workers return.
As of February 23, there were 3.889 million rural laborers returning to work in Henan Province. Before the Spring Festival, 9.78 million migrant workers returned from outside the province, the return rate was 37.72%. According to statistics from Kaifeng City, Henan Province, On the 22nd, the city's 187,000 returning rural migrant workers returned to work with 50,800 people. The return rate was 27.2%, of which 6402 were organized.

As of the end of December 2019, according to the Yunnan province ’s human resources system labor force resource survey, 12.244 million rural laborers in the province have realized transfer employment, 8.639,900 transfer jobs within the province, and 3.605 million transfer jobs outside the province, but as of February 21 The rural labor transfer employment in Yunnan Province was 3.286 million, of which 10.272 million were transferred outside the province and 2.624 million were transferred within the province—compared to the data at the end of 2019, there are still large differences.

However, Yunnan Province ’s Human Resources and Social Security Department ’s epidemic prevention and stable employment headquarters said that within the next 15 days, the province ’s rural labor force is expected to go out to employ 1.575 million people.
Chongqing estimates 88 percent of those who returned home for Spring Festival are still in Chongqing:
A press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Chongqing, which was held on February 20, announced that there were 6.057 million migrant workers returning home in Chongqing during the Spring Festival this year. According to incomplete statistics, 739,000 people are currently employed outside the country. This means that there are still 5.31 million returning migrant workers in Chongqing who are not out of employment, accounting for nearly 88% of the returning migrant workers in the Spring Festival in 2020.
This is why traffic is down all over. There's still tens of millions of workers waiting in their home cities.

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