Gold and King Dollar Rising With More In Store

USDMXN was the most bearish chart for the U.S. dollar the past few weeks. No more.
EURUSD bounced perfectly after filling its gap. If this topping pattern completes, we can switch to quoting it as USDEUR, since it could be going as high a 2.
USDBRL exploded after completing its base. Pullback likely given the run-up, but very bullish chart over the longer-term.
USDAUD same pattern, same breakout.
Last week I laid out the path to USDJPY 175. It has pulled back, but bounced off the former resistance.
The final currency that will complete a full blown dollar bull rally will be the yuan.
And the one to rule them all, gold. Gold has a massive basing pattern versus USD, which in turn has a massive basing pattern versus many major and minor currencies. Fiat is burning from the periphery to the core. Capital is flowing down the Exeter pryamid.

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