Coronavirus Update: Wuhan Stirring

Many Chinese cities have seen traffic rebound during the workweek. Weekend traffic remains well below peak as people practice social distancing. Wuhan remains well below prior levels, this will be the last place to check for a "return to normal" in China. That appears as if it will happen soon. Wuhan closed 11 of its temporary hospitals (in hotels and gyms) because the patients are leaving and no new ones coming in. Side note: I found that link after searching for awhile on Google. I've noticed both Google and Twitter censoring searches for news, in this case positive news out of China. They've clearly retarded their services, yet again, in the name of some nebulous goal of combatting #FakeNews. Which they fail at because mainstream sources have been among the worst.

Xi Jinping visited Wuhan today: Xi Jinping visits Wuhan for first time since coronavirus outbreak began

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