Signs of the social mood in China

The news will focus on the anti-Japan protests, but look at this: Protesters rally in Sheung Shui against cross-border parallel traders
"Reclaim Sheung Shui! Protect our homes!" they chanted, echoing slogans written on the placards they were waving. They said the numbers of parallel traders buying goods in the neighbourhood and travelling through the station had been creating a nuisance for years. Parallel traders buy goods in one market to smuggle into another, where they sell them without authorisation.

The protests also drew about 300 onlookers - including some parallel traders - who stood around the station and on a footbridge.

It did not take long for clashes to break out after two young protesters held up a sign reading: "Chinese people eat s***!", together with a modified colonial-era Hong Kong flag.
Different reasons, but the same action. Social mood is driving the protests, not the underlying issue.

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