China's Bull Market Is Over: Underwater Investors Describe the Descent From Heaven to Hell

However, the hustle and bustle comes to an end, like a Golden Age carnival gorgeous ended. But you know the bull really came, it had magnificent swept the hundreds of millions of micro-channel and stock accounts and had changed many.

The Economic Observer describes the role social media played in sweeping up investors in the bull market of 2014/15, only to leave them trapped in investment hell hanging on to paper losses.

EO: “群票”的秘密:被套者讲述从天堂到地狱

Here's one investor trading on rumors and following WeChat groups:
As practitioners bank personal financial business, Shen Xun need to reach many fund channel staff. In the past six months, she will continually add some groups, while the other side there is always some "inside information" from within the fund company. In her view, the news may not be all tricky, but not to the wind hole, worth in a bull market as an important reference for the subject, but on the other hand, the fund company in order to expand the business scale of years to do more, bear market, whether it is Plate or recommend individual stocks are not unreliable.

...Shen Xun deep-set stock for micro letter circulated news has been feeling numb, clung to the belief that long-term investment, but she also remember, only three or four months ago, everything is so beautiful.

...July 23, the stock market crash has undergone a crash is being repaired, said nothing of the bear market in the long-lost "lead Big Brother" ST Murray and drying out of the great wisdom of two K-line diagram, and with the word "perfect buy the dips." Shen Xun said, "a group of uplink perfect, almost no callback. Although it is issued afterwards, or make people feel envious. But you asked me if he was not really buy, I do not know."

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