China's PPT: Saving the Market is Cool and All, But Oil Stocks Suck

Here's a lesson in Chinese culture. China's central government is throwing the kitchen sink at the baby trying to stop the market from going down, and what does the PPT do? Well not buy oil stocks, cause those are going down! Also not on the list of buys: small caps.
"National team" late movements contrary to many investors by surprise, this time the team changed last week, "is not only the show muscles attack" strategy tray, in addition to bank shares to support the market, the "national team" in favor of the initiative purchase home appliances, energy, power, ports and other second-tier blue chips, as to support the market after the vanguard of "two barrels of oil" and small-cap shares have been abandoned national team.
Someone should tell the PPT that 2.7 trillion yuan of the stock market capitalization is in the two largest oil companies. Furthermore, small caps have much more "bang for the buck" when it comes to supporting the market. Apparently they are buying coal mines, banks and utilities:
According to "First Financial Daily" reporters combing, there is an opening in addition to banking stocks underpinning the national team, but said the emerging single prop is mainly in home appliances, coal , electricity, ports, real estate and other industries , these are funds yesterday The net inflow of industries.

Wind Info data show that on August 3, SW a 28 industries, only banks, non-bank financial , food and beverages, iron and steel , household appliances, building materials and utilities seven industries net inflow of funds, respectively inflow of four billion yuan, 1.2 billion yuan, 270 million yuan, 260 million yuan, 200 million yuan, 170 million yuan and 095 million yuan.

Compared with the previous, "national team" to support the market there is a clear change in policy, abandoned "two barrels of oil" and abandoned small-cap stocks.
Now Chinese investors are taking their cues from the PPT, trying to front run the banks.

iFeng: 国家队护盘放弃两桶油 主动出击二线蓝筹

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