Signs of A Bottom? Dark Headlines

Markets may be nearing a short-term bottom. Consider this headline from the front page of iFeng's finance section, which translates in part to "The Period of Darkness May Have Only Just Begun"

四利空砸晕股市 黑暗期或才刚刚开始
Commission once said when the market instability, when gold card companies will also attempt to save the city, but on Friday the market fell below the important 3600-point psychological support line and line, but no significant direct weekend of good news, which may imply Wind policy of weakening. Judging from the market trend, the volume getting smaller and smaller, outside the capital approach shows willingness to become weaker, coupled with the more narrow the width of the hot market, the market will be very pessimistic about the market outlook.

The current global stock market crash, the US rate hike expectations, so that accelerated the outflow of hot money in emerging markets, which is shrinking volume A-share market is undoubtedly worse. A decline or no less than the future of the stock market crash in late June, investors need to control the position and prevent risks.
Another headline is "who knocked on the big bear's door?"

年线失守再创新低 谁叩响了A股熊市大门
After the stock market crash in June and July, and no one thought of A shares will face even greater slump. Under tragic crash, stock index fell in line, officially declared the advent of a bear market.

Analysts believe that the A shares plummeted this reason, the mapping of the global crisis of internal and external resonance.

The reason it may generate panic margin denounce the bailout intervention, the yuan devaluation is expected to lead to a substantial outflow of capital may jointly caused by the global foreign exchange, capital market volatility and other factors. From the fundamentals, liquidity and valuation point of view in three dimensions, slowdown in economic growth, the RRR is "replacement", the valuation is too high is not conducive to building confidence capital markets, to spread panic played a supporting role.

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