SOHO China Won't Buy Overseas or Domestic Real Estate

Realty Today: Soho China Ltd. CEO Zhang Xin Goes Against the Flow, Won’t Invest in Overseas Real Estate Today
"Today when you go around Beijing and Shanghai, there aren't many plots of land still available. You don't see as many cranes. It's a very clear sign that it's a slowdown. The numbers support what you see. The numbers are also slowing down," Zhang said.

WSJ: Soho China CEO: I Wouldn’t Buy Overseas Real Estate Today
“Today, prices are so expensive. I wouldn’t be comfortable making any real estate investments in these major cities around the world,” she said.

“In China, at least in real estate, I know it’s not so crazy. But people are nervous about putting (their money) in real estate when the economy is going down,” said Ms. Zhang.

She added separately that her company is not interested in making further investments in land in China and would focus on leasing existing assets.

iFeng: SOHO中国决定停止楼市投资 中国和海外都不买了

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