Ebola Remains in the Human Body, Mutating

Wonderful. Ebola isn't cleared from the body, instead it lies dormant in the body, mutating until it can create a newly infectious strain. The headline is a little misleading, she wasn't reinfected, she was never fully cured.

DailyMail: Family and friends of British nurse to be tested for Ebola after she contracts the virus again: Glasgow medic returns to London hospital isolation unit in 'serious condition'
Parts of the body such as the eye, central nervous system and testes can harbour the virus, which can also behave in an unpredictable way.

Professor John Edmunds, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: 'The Ebola virus can occasionally persist for some months in certain tissues within survivors.

'The risk of transmission from these individuals appears to be very low. However, with so many survivors in West Africa now, there is a risk that further outbreaks can be triggered, which is why authorities have to remain very vigilant.'
The virus is now in the West as well and governments are politically unable to stop it.

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