China National Radio: No Hope of Home Price Rise in 3rd or 4th Tier

iFeng: 2016房价走势大研判:三四线城市无上涨可能
Third- and Fourth-Tier cities housing prices may not rise

Rates of change is also highly anticipated. In 2015, the central repeatedly referred to the inventory of the property market, the Central Economic Work Conference also encouraged developers to cut prices, indicating that the property market markdowns may be inevitable. However, the latest statistics have shown that, in December 2015 in malls and housing prices over-year rise for the fifth consecutive month, and rose to continue to expand. Whether the property market is up is down it? Yao believes that in 2016 the property market differentiation will continue, first-tier cities and the hot urban, house prices could steadily, but the third- and fourth-tier cities housing prices did not rise possible.

Yao: Real estate inventory Nationally, home to this one now is 400 million square meters, mainly concentrated in the four-tier cities. Obviously, four-tier cities so much inventory, prices are unlikely to rebound it.
Tan Yaling says to expect greater yuan volatility. Depreciation, but not in a straight line:
Tan Yaling: 2016 RMB trend may be bilateral shocks, the magnitude of the devaluation will continue to expand, but it will not be a straight line depreciation of, there may be rallies along with sell-offs. Our central bank will take management tools, effective interventions on the exchange rate.

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