CREIS: New Home Prices Close Out 2015 With Strong Gain

CREIS 100-city survey shows an increase of 0.74% for the month of December; 4.15% yoy. This is a continuation of the monthly price increase, which has been stronger and steadier than the official NBS 70 city survey.

Of the top 10 cities: prices increase 1.14% in December. Shenzhen new home price increased 3.53% on the month and the worst of the top 10, Chengdu, saw prices rise 0.05%. Year on year the gap was enormous: Shenzhen prices rose 38.7% from December 2014 to today, while Chengdu saw its prices fall 3.3%.

The biggest increase overall was in Xiamen: new home prices rallied 3.56%. Baoji in Shaanxi tied Shenzhen with a 3.53% increase. Kunshan in Jiangsu saw a 3.10% rally.

The worst performer was Sanya: prices fell 2.30% in December.

The split between cities with rising, falling and flat prices was 51-45-4. This breakdown has fluctuated but there's no rising or falling trend. The rise in home prices is due to the first-tier and upper second-tier pulling the average higher.

100-city Survey data: 2015年12月中国房地产
Google Translated: 100-city Survey Data page

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