Four Strategies for Merging and Reorganizing SOEs

China is going to pick the winners in industry consolidation.
In fact, the Chinese building materials in recent years has been planning the cement industry. According to Song Zhiping, chairman of China Building Materials introduced, China's building materials in the field of cement, through large-scale consolidation and reorganization, since the formation of United Cement, Southern Cement, Northern Cement, cement southwest four cement companies that make the country's cement industry concentration is greatly improved, increased from 16% in 2008 to the current 53%. This time, if the Chinese building materials Sinoma successful reorganization, is bound to become a true cement industry giant.
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The four methods of merger and reorganization and likely industries, according to Ping An:
For the next central enterprise integration, Ping An Securities predicts that the central rate of merger cases from the typical case of an existing point of view, the central enterprises mergers and acquisitions there are four main types: First, the industry merger and reorganization. Shipbuilding and military industries such consolidation probability. Second, mergers and acquisitions within the industry. Steel and building materials industries such operations likely. Third, the integration of upstream and downstream industry chain integration. Optimistic about the integration of this type of non-ferrous industry. Fourth, the central enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions. The focus will be on the equipment manufacturing industry, including high-speed rail, electricity, communications, engineering machinery, automobile and aircraft manufacturing and electronic assembly processing industries.
iFeng: 央企合并成去产能新招 未来聚焦四大类型(名单)

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