People's Daily Laughs: Fight the Yuan! Heh Heh!

The People's Daily has called out the renminbi shorts, specifically George Soros. This will be as effective as laughing at someone who bets $1 million that a bowling ball dropped from 10,000 feet will fall to Earth, and it could backfire since everyone now knows there's a deep pocketed sucker at the table.

The central bank has far less power than Nature. The Law will not be broken. If the PBoC fights the Law, the Law will win.
From last year to this year, the "financial predators," said Soros, the man of the hour for two consecutive years as one of the World Economic Forum in Davos the most interesting. Last year, he used the platform to announce the "permanent retirement", no financial investment involved in the political arena and instead focus on its so-called "political charity"; this year, is also on this platform, he was open to China "declaration of war", claiming that We have generous short Asian currencies. Because of his influence, fluctuations in the international financial markets has intensified already existing Asian currencies obviously feel greater pressure speculative attacks.

However, Soros challenge for the renminbi and the Hong Kong dollar is unlikely to succeed - this, no doubt.
The party mouthpiece doth protest too much.

People's Daily: 党报:索罗斯对人民币和港元的挑战不可能成功, original headline: 向中国货币宣战?“呵呵”

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