How Long Can First-Tier City Home Prices Rise?

So asks the headline of this article originally from China Economic Net. Conclusion:
Under improper regulation, if asked high prices can sustain long? You can not have normal thinking or analysis to judge, it can only be resigned. And this situation, inevitably the status quo can not last long.
If it continues on this way, with first-tier and top second-tier city prices rising, with land prices rising and new land kings crowned month after month:
So, in 2016, the luxury market or markets, market prices are high, the competition will become more intense, melee situation will be quite tragic. But the market is good or bad, regardless of the ups and downs of small and medium housing prices housing prices, has nothing to do with ordinary people, of course, has nothing to say small series of settling the new media is only relative. From 2015 the land market performance, if the land market, "King" continued frequent phenomenon continues, then this means that in 2016 the property market will fall into a Great Depression.
The overall tone of the article is not so negative. It says prices can rise (even double) over a longer time frame, but if the frenzied pace continues, another bust will quickly follow.

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