Homelink (Lianjia) Dodges Questions on Down Payment Loans

Homelink has addressed some of the charges against it publicly (see: Nexus of China's Credit and Housing Bubble: HomeLink's Two Week High Interest House Flipping Loans Funded From Own P2P Finance Platform), saying it has avoided the regulatory red lines, but it has avoided discussing claims the firm was making high interest down payment loans to customers.
It is worth noting that, in the public response the past two consecutive days, whether to offer qualified homebuyers loans, as well as whether highly leveraged problem "down payment loans" exists, Homelink did not say in its response.

Yesterday, Homelink replied to a Beijing Daily reporter that Homelink did not provide "leverage" loans in the stock market, financial chain more than 90% of internet business is to do a cash flow transaction process.
The government cracked down on stock market loans last year, so it's good the financing platform isn't lending for stock loans, but that wasn't the question...

Currently "down payment loan" interest rate of 0.66% per month service charge 0.43% per month, will not increase the burden on home buyers.

However, this statement is still being questioned. Zhang Dawei noted down payment on loans, on Lianjia's financial site introduced 25% of 18 billion yuan in assets are down payment loans, or 4.5 billion yuan, while Zuo said said there was only 300 million yuan in down payment loans. In addition, adding in service charges, real interest rates will be more than 24%, more than the current national standard for usury.
As for self-guaranteeing its own loans, the answer was also a bit of legalese:
For the financial letter from a security problem, Homelink responded, "chain of family financial management" belongs chain of home network (Beijing) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and guaranteed by the chain of family financial investor in Beijing Rongxin company limited by guarantee is a separate legal entity, governed by different regulatory control system does not involve self guarantee.
The guarantee is from a separate legal entity, but is it controlled by Lianjia?

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