Land Ministry: Increase Land Sales to Stabilize Home Prices

"All parties concerned in measures to stabilize housing prices, the mentioned the need to increase the supply of land area." Jiang Daming said this, the Ministry will take to maintain pressure, optimizing the structure, policies and measures classification regulation, a reasonable increase in these the supply of land area of ​​the city.

He listed four main measures, one for the implementation of land for affordable housing projects the cities; the second is to give full play the role of government purchasing and storage of land will promptly increase the supply of land area; the third is to make an inventory of idle land in the city, especially some housing prices in the long-term accumulation of undeveloped land; Fourth, increase the inefficient use of urban land redevelopment, support the transformation of shanty towns and villages in the city; Fifth, adhere to and improve the bidding system, to prevent abnormal trading pushing up prices.

"We also note that, like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen local governments have introduced a number of solutions, the Ministry will fully support it. We believe that the local government because of the city Shi policy efforts, housing prices will stabilize." Jiang Daming particular, he said, "some people worry, first-tier cities land regulation will be reversed, urban development boundaries will be broken, it will not happen."
iFeng: 国土部部长:增加城市土地供应 房价会稳住

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  1. These types of problems may increase due to the heavy land-selling but at last government will handle all the problem.
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