Updated: Shenyang Offers Zero Down Mortgages and Subsidies to Uni Grads, Migrants

Update: Shenyang denies there is a zero down payment policy. It is being studied, but is not official policy. iFeng: 沈阳大学生“零首付”购房政策被辟谣
But in the evening, the official news on the release of this rumor that policy, the Shenyang municipal government authorities said "About supported colleges and universities, secondary vocational school students, new graduates buyers. Graduation is not more than five years of universities, secondary vocational school graduates Shen was born in the purchase of real estate, to give policy support to the housing provident fund, provident fund deposit limit of six consecutive months reduced to 3 months, the down payment "zero down payment" policy "is still in the early stages of research and demonstration, we have temporarily introduced conditions.

Original post:
Reuters: More Chinese cities unveil measures to boost home buying
The northeastern city of Shenyang will allow young people who have graduated from universities and vocational schools within the last five years to buy homes with zero downpayments when using the housing provident fund to finance home purchases, the official Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday.
In addition to zero down payments, the students will be eligible for subsidies of 200 yuan per square meter. iFeng: 沈阳房产新政下发:在沈阳的大学生可零首付买房
Universities, secondary vocational school students to buy real estate, to give 200 yuan per square meter incentives. At the same time, colleges and universities, secondary vocational school students, the purchase of new graduates, given the deed full subsidies.
Migrants who buy a home in the city and maintain a rural home also can get subsidies:
At the same time, support for the two separated families, migrant workers and expatriates to purchase a home. Two separated families purchase a home in Shenyang, according to purchase an area subsidy of 100 yuan per square meter of financial relief.
There's also a monthly subsidy for renters based on education credentials:
Shenyang support employment, entrepreneurial college graduates rental housing, rental subsidies can receive three years, the standard is: Doctorate 800 yuan per month, Master's 400 yuan per month, Bachelor's 200 yuan per month.
Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning, the northeast province that has seen the largest collapse in real estate investment.

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