Strict Buying Restriction Expected to Return

iFeng: 一线城市调控风起 严限购、宽供应成主基调
Shenzhen Party Secretary Xingrui said the government would ban speculation on policies and regulations, reselling the house, from the beginning of this year to the original SAR, a large supply of land area, while the hospitals, education and other facilities do a good job, and plans to start construction of more than 60,000 sets affordable housing.

March 7, National People's Congress, Beijing Vice Mayor Li Shixiang told the media that the next Beijing will strictly enforce the restriction, especially Tongzhou restriction policy, at the same time, the population will also benefit from ease of starting strategy, control of real estate development investment.

...For policy direction, the Minister of the Ministry of Housing, Chen Gao lists five major directions: a strict restriction policy; strict implementation of differentiated tax and credit policies; to increase the supply of land area; increase small and medium size housing supply quantity and construction of affordable housing; combating transaction illegal irregularities, correctly guide public opinion and expectations.

The Minister of the Department of Homeland Jiang Daming main proposed increase in land supply area first-tier cities, and prevent abnormal trading pushing up prices.

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