8 Economic Trends Chinese Govt Expects in 2016: Slower Wage Growth, More CPI Inflation, Less PPI Deflation and Greater Yuan Volatility

Eight things the NDRC expects for 2016:

1. Slight acceleration in CPI (higher inflation)
2. PPI deflation will slow
3. GDP deflator will shrink
4. Agricultural price inflation will decelerate
5. Real estate differentiation will continue and price increases will be larger than last year:
From the perspective of the development, with the favorable policies to further show the effect of multiple, local real estate market rigid demand and improving demand further release, the real estate prices form a strong support, annual real estate prices will remain clear upward trend, may be more than last year.
6. Slight RMB depreciation will continue, with greater volatility
7. Price of money will decline
8. Wage growth will slow

iFeng: 预计中国2016年房价涨幅超去年 通胀率更高

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