China's PPT Top 10 Shareholder in Majority of Firms; Industrials and Smaller Companies Dominate

China's National Team (plunge protection team) ended 2015 as a top ten shareholder in 698 firms out of 1298 reporting year-end results, or 53 percent.

The total PPT investment comes to 800 billion yuan in companies with a colective market value of 2.5 trillion.

Most holdings are in firms with market caps of 10 to 30 billion yuan, with the PPT holding a top 10 stake in 313 of these firms, or 43 percent of the total.

Industrial firms account for 20.5 percent of the total, the largest single industry.

These figures exclude investments made prior to the PPT effort and only represents the holdings in companies that have reported year-end 2015 results. At the end of 2015 Q3, the PPT held shares in 1363 companies. Goldman Sachs and BofA estimated the PPT invested a total of 1.5 trillion yuan. Both figures are in line with current figures, as half the market has yet to report.
Reporters already disclosed in 2015 annual report 1298 listed companies combing found that teams in the top ten tradable shares of listed companies in the amount of 698. In the perspective of the number of shares and the market value of statistics, market capitalization of 500 billion yuan has 72 (accounting for 10.32%), market capitalization between 30 billion -400 million there are 76 (accounting for 10.89%), while the market capitalization stock between 10 billion 30 billion have 313 (accounting for 44.83%), 50 to 10 billion market capitalization of the stock with 165 (accounting for 23.64%), 50 billion with market capitalization of the stock with 72 (accounting for 10.32%).

From the industry perspective points to the CSRC industry (new) standards division, 67 (accounting for 9.6%) belong to the consumer food business sector, 58 (accounting for 8.3%) belong to the extractive steel non-ferrous metal plates, 101 (accounting ratio of 14.5%) belongs to the real estate and decoration materials industry, 67 (accounting for 9.6%) belongs to the TMT industry, 143 (accounting for 20.5%) belongs to the industrial manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical sector 67 (accounting for 9.6%), the financial sector 45 house (accounting for 6.5%).

From six months ago (to March 31, 2016 as the base to push forward) earnings point of view, there are 329 listed companies in the 30 times price-earnings ratio, which is equivalent to 47% of the historical stock price-earnings ratio below 30 times; accounting for 30 times to 40 times between 13.6%; accounting for 40 times -60 times between 13.5%; accounting for more than 60 times price-earnings ratio of 25.8%.

Guangzhou, a private equity firm partner told the "China Times" reporter, he was more concerned about the national team for small and medium ticket situation positions. "Me and some of my fellow like excavation team holding more small ticket. Last year's third quarter, the top ten shareholders only several small ticket almost every team, these stocks usually have good gains, but need ahead of the layout. "The private partner analysis says.
iFeng: 国家队持股全景图:8000亿家底大曝光 制造业最受青睐
This data is very illuminating for the ChiNext analog. The PPT at times focused on lifting the value of large companies in the Shanghai market in order to move the headline index, but they also focused on small companies where the impact of buying has a far greater effect on individual stock prices.

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